Friday, March 5, 2010


My thesis, which is due March 29, is eating up most of my time, including blogging time, and I don't want to put more fluff up like I did last week so I haven't been putting anything up. But, I do want to make mention of this. The unions for 40,000 Stop and Shop workers are set to go on strike.

The Social Principles states the following on collective bargaining:
"We support the right of all public and private employees and to organize for collective bargaining into unions and other groups of their own choosing. Further, we support the right of both parties to protection in so doing and their responsibility to bargain in good faith within the framework of the common interest.... We reject the use of violence by either party during collective bargaining or any labor/management disagreement. We likewise reject the permanent replacement of a worker who engages in a lawful strike." (¶163.B)

If the unions cannot reach an agreement and go out on strike, I strongly encourage you not to cross their picket line. This does affect some members of our congregation who work there, so please be in solidarity with them.

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