Monday, July 2, 2012

Letter From St. Paul Applying For A Job

Dear Church Members:

I understand that your pulpit is vacant and I am writing to apply for the position as your pastor.  Although I was not raised as a Christian, and in fact actively opposed Christians for many years, I am now devoted to my faith.

I have never received any training, and in fact don’t have any degrees on my wall, or really any walls to call my own.  My preaching generally receives positive results, although a youth once fell asleep during a sermon and then fell out the window where he was sitting to his death.  A little timid in person, I am a prolific writer and have been said to be very bold in my pronouncements.

Although I have had health issues, I am praying to God for help, and these have not stopped me from accomplishing a great deal. Most of the churches I have served have been very small by contemporary standards, and I have never stayed in any one place for longer than three years.  In addition, I haven’t really gotten along well with other religious leaders in those communities.  In fact some have threatened me, and even attacked me physically, and sometimes I have been forced to flee after my work has caused riots and other disturbances.

Although I am well regarded as an organizer, I am not a good record keeper and have even been known to forget who I have baptized.  Most of the churches I have been involved with think well of me, and have been willing to support me during my several imprisonments.  And, I must also admit, that I am responsible for the violent death of at least one person.

But I have had several people convert to Christianity during my ministry, and am also responsible for a few healings as well.  In addition, when the church has been unable to pay my salary I have been able to support myself, and my travels, through a trade.

I thank you for considering my application, and if you can use me I promise to do my best for you.

Yours in Christ, Paul of Tarsus

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