Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

So did everyone watch the wedding yesterday? My wife loves weddings and so we watched highlights. But here is my issue. The wedding started at 5 am EST, that means it was 2 am in California. What's up with that? Plus, the only "stars" I saw were Elton John and David Beckham with his Spice Girl wife, but they aren't really stars. Where were the big names like Tom Cruise or Brad and Angelina or at the very least Paris Hilton? (I know Lindsay Lohan probably can't leave the country so they are excused from not inviting her.)

I came away with the distinct impression that they planned the wedding as if they didn't even think about the timing here in America and who we want to see, leading me to believe that they do not think that America is the most important place or the most important people. Surely that couldn't be the case, could it?

This is satire by the way.

After an incredibly busy and stressful month, some of which I will write about later, I hope this gets me back to a more regular writing pattern.

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