Saturday, October 1, 2011

All I Can Say Is Wow! Part 2

Major League Baseball is a lot like the Democratic Party, as soon as they have a great victory and seem to be on the precipice of doing great things you can be sure they will do something to immediately screw it up, as MLB did yesterday.

The day after what may have been the greatest day of regular season baseball ever, they had what was probably going to be one of the best pitching match-ups in postseason play, Sabathia versus Verlander. Arguably two of the best pitchers in baseball matching up in a game one, and in a short series game one is huge.

They know a storm is scheduled to come in that night, but do they move the game earlier to make sure it gets played? No. Do they decide to postpone it to tomorrow once they can see an enormous green blob on the radar coming their way? No. What do they do instead? They begin play only to have to call it an inning and a half later, wasting Sabathia and Verlander for both teams, as well as ratings, and changing the entire complexity of the series for everyone.

Now Torre can say he had no idea the storm was going to be this bad, but Yankee players said that it was "stupid" to begin because they were watching the storm on their Ipads before the game and could read the forecast that there would be heavy rain for at least four hours. Perhaps the leadership of MLB does not understand technology or does not even use it. This would not surprise me.

So MLB has wasted a great opportunity to capitalize on the end of the season by messing up what had the potential to be one of their best games of the postseason on day one. Someone once said, "You know that baseball is the greatest game ever, because the owners haven't killed it yet," and I would add, "although they certainly do everything in their power to try."

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