Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things, Stuffed Animal Version

Both my daughters received new stuffed bears for Christmas from their grandmother as they do each year. Today my youngest daughter handed me her bear as I was sitting on the couch so that I could hold it for her. I asked her if the bear had a name yet, and she said "no, they don't get names until they get tenure." So I asked her when they get tenure and she said, "in ten weeks".... It's tough to be a stuffed animal in this house.

But this did make me think of one of my favorite Rickey Henderson stories. When he was with the Padres, the traveling secretary was setting down the rules at the beginning of the season and said that rookies had to sit at the front of the bus but that players with tenure could sit wherever they wanted, to which Henderson said, "ten-year, heck I've got thirteen-year."

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