Friday, April 20, 2012

The City So Nice They Named It Twice

We have now been back in New Mexico for ten months after having lived in Boston for eight years. We always considered New Mexico home and we are grateful to be back. But lately I've really been missing New York City. Even my wife has mentioned this longing to me. We were watching a movie a couple of weeks ago that was set in Manhattan and she turned to me and said "I miss New York."

We never lived in New York, but it was always right there. It would take us as much time to drive from Boston to New York as it does for us to drive from where we live to Albuquerque, and the two cities are not even comparable. There is just something about New York that I love.

There is always something to do, there is so much energy, there are so many museums, there is just so much.... Boston has great history, but New York is New York. I always loved the point as you approached the Triborough bridge when all of the sudden the city would appear before you. No matter how many times I saw it it was an amazing site, and of course my heart lies just a little further up the road at 161st ave in the Bronx. I know that New Yorkers are pretentious and think they are so much more than others, but even that has a certain charm (it can also be grating as well).

Once we had our daughters we didn't get to the city as often as we did before, although the girls were always excited to go and thought that any city with tall buildings was New York City. If I was to ever seek to serve a church outside of New Mexico again I think the only place we would be willing to go would be New York.

We love being back home, we love being near family and in a place where there is a horizon, and we miss our friends we left behind in Boston but at the moment I really miss New York.

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