Monday, May 14, 2012

Third Grade Bibles

This weekend we will be giving Bibles out to our third grade students.  This probably should have been done in the fall, but as I am still learning how things are done at this church it passed by until someone said to me "hey, we didn't give Bibles to the third graders."

My question is why do we do this?  I understand the importance of giving out Bibles and training children in reading it, but why third grade?  Why not give out really easy Bibles to 1st graders and then a new one in 5th? I'm not proposing that, just asking the question.

It seems that just about every church does this, and it had to have started somewhere and some time, so I just wonder when it got started and why.  Why has third grade been decided to be the best time to give children their bibles?

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