Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness Begins With Madness For Me

Tonight the University of New Mexico, my alma mater, plays Harvard University, also my alma mater, and so I'm left wondering who I should be rooting for, and so I thought I'd try and work this out:

UNM is ranked highest ever going into the tournament, and many think they could make it to the sweet sixteen for the first time, and so maybe I should root for them.

I love rooting for the underdog, and Harvard is decidedly the underdog, so maybe I should root for them.

Most people have closer ties to their undergraduate schools than graduate school, so that would be UNM

Should it be based on amount of time?  I spent more time at Harvard than at UNM.

Money spent and debt incurred? Easily Harvard.

Teams that travel farther tend to be at a disadvantage, so maybe UNM (they are playing in Denver)

Based on mascots?  A lobo is clearly bigger and better than a crimson, so UNM wins.

Both cities are beautiful and great in their own ways.  Albuquerque has better views and food, but Cambridge is also great, so that's a tie.

Beauty of the campus? Harvard, not even close.

Age of the school? Harvard, not even close.

Graduation speaker?  Oprah this year at Harvard, UNM not yet announced, so we're going with Harvard.

Colors? Harvard Crimson, UNM silver and cherry.  Going with Harvard.

I'll be very happy if either team wins, although UNM making it far into the tournament will be better, because Harvard doesn't really stand a chance.  But my daughters went to school wearing their Harvard shirts today, and I'll be wearing mine tonight, but come Saturday, the next game, I will be wearing my UNM Lobo shirt.

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