Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like... wait it's September

If you've seen my front yard in the last few years you know that I love Christmas. I've already begun thinking about this year's display, planning it out and looking through catalogues about what might be added, and I like seeing things in the stores so I can get new ideas.
In the next few weeks I'll also have to start pulling out pieces to make sure they are working properly and fixing things that need to be fixed. For those who are really serious about decorating (and that phrase really scares Linda) they've been at work for a while and will start putting things up in the yard at the end of October.
But, when I hear Christmas music playing in stores before Halloween I go a little crazy, and this story is just over the top.
The picture to the left is from a town outside of Manchester, England, which put up their Christmas decorations in August! Now, that is going a little too far.
I don't want to be rushing too far forward, so rather than discussing all the problems with this I will leave that to Advent when we can talk more about the rush to jump forward and the need to refrain.

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