Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti and UMCOR

As many of you heard on Sunday, Rev. Sam Dixon, exectuive director of UMCOR died as a result of his injuries sustained in the earthquake last week. Word just came out that Clint Rabb, who was director of mission volunteers for UMCOR, who had been in intensive care in a Florida hospital has also died from his wounds. Our prayers go out to their families and friends, but the work does not stop.

They were in Haiti because UMCOR had a permanent location there in order to help the people even before the quake. This is what UMCOR does. Not only are they often the first ones into a location, but they are often some of the last ones to leave as well, because the devistation doesn't go away when the cameras go away.

We raised more than $5,000 on Sunday and the outreach commission has pledged another $2,000 which has already been sent. We will have another offering again this Sunday, but you may also make a donation online. Make sure to chose "Haiti Earthquake" on the donation line. Remember that 100% of the funds that you give to UMCOR go directly to the affected area because we fund their operations through our One Great Hour of Sharing offering which will take place on March 14.

Being in service to the world is what we are called to do, as Jesus told us that as we do to the least of these so we do to him.

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