Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayers Requested

Bishop Peter Weaver has called on all United Methodists in New England to be praying for the situation in Haiti. Reports are now putting the death toll conservatively at 100,000. There were several United Methodist work teams in Haiti participating in projects, including the top executive of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

We will be holding a special offering this week for UMCOR relief efforts during worship. Donations can also be made directly through UMCOR's webpage here.

Here is a prayer by Taylor Burton-Edwards from the General Board of Discipleship website:

The seas roar, the earth shakes,
buildings crumble, roofs topple
and walls turn to dust.

Have mercy on the people of Haiti, O God.

Nations watch, alarms sound,
traffic halts, utilities stop,
and news is hard to verify.

Give us compassion to weep with those who weep, O God.

People die, families mourn,
mountains split,
infrastructure and superstructure alike are gone.

Make us swift to help and persistent to rebuild,
not just things and structures, but lives, O God:

Through Christ, the solid Rock.

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