Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things: Technology Edition

At my wife's last job she had use of a iPad, and my daughters loved playing on it.  When she left that job recently she had to give the iPad back, and my girls have now been moaning the fact that they don't have it around to play with any more.

So several days ago, my oldest came up and asked if she could have an iPad for her next birthday, and I told her she wouldn't be old enough, so she said "can I have one when I'm 7?" and I told her no, then it was "can I have one when I'm 8?" and on and on and each time the answer was no.

Then my youngest daughter said, "can I have one when I'm 6902?" to which her sister said, "No, because you'll be dead."  And the response to that?  "That's okay, Jesus will let me borrow his iPad."

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