Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Speed Linking

  • American corporations earned profits of 1.66 trillion last quarter. These are the highest quarterly profits on record. Some of this was from overseas enterprises. The overall economy might not be doing well, but major corporations are doing fine.
  • An editorial from Time, discusses the courts being ahead of the general public on the issue of gay rights. This is not the only time courts have been ahead of society, as they point out in looking at the civil rights movement and the aftermath of court rulings
  • There is some renewed discussion about the possibility of making Pluto a planet again. Go Pluto!
  • A new study has found that use of the drug Truvada, which is already used to treat HIV, has been found to cut the risk of the transmission of the disease to uninfected gay men. If this is found to be true through further studies, this will be a major breakthrough in stopping the spread of this disease.
  • The Pope has come out and said that condom use by both male and female prostitutes to stop the transmission of HIV is okay in some situations. This is a major move. It, of course, is not without opposition.
  • Social networking continues to cause issues and concerns. Two men are being prosecuted in England for comments they tweeted, which they said where just jokes and where also private remarks, which clearly means they don't get it either. A pastor has told clergy not to be on Facebook because it can cause marital infidelity.
  • Tom Delay has been convicted of money laundering and conspiracy. He could face life in prison, although I highly doubt that will happen. I have a friend from high school who worked for Delay on the Hill. He became so disgusted with what he saw there, that he left politics and also moved considerably to the left.
  • Apparently generation Y is handling their money very differently than previous generations. Since they have not seen stable economic conditions during the majority of their lives they are acting more like the depression generation. This will have significant impact on the future for many things, including the church.

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