Thursday, June 14, 2012

Congratulations and What's Going On?

Last night Matt Cain threw a perfect game for the San Francisco Giants.  This is the 22nd perfect game in major league history but the second one this year.  This is on top of three other no-hitters, and if MLB changes a hit from the Met's game on Wednesday into an error than RA Dickey will also be credited with a no-hitter.  If that hit is changed to an error it will also mark only the second time that two no-hitters were thrown on the same day.

These are some of the rarest events in major league baseball, but they are occurring with regularity, at least this season.  The record for a single season is 7, and we are nearly there and we're not even to the All-Star break yet.  Of course that doesn't mean we will see any more this year, which is one of the things that makes baseball great.  But I do have to wonder if we are seeing something of a trend here, or if this is just a statistical anomaly that we should simply appreciate while it's going on.

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