Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Don't Use State Farm Insurance!

I have never used this blog for this purpose, and hopefully never will again, but I am so disgusted with State Farm that I have to get the word out.

On June 12, both of our cars were damaged in a severe hail storm. Since the first day of the claim, we have been the ones to do everything, and then hope that State Farm would catch up to us, and have really only gotten service from the corporate office when we have begun yelling. (I do have to say our agent has been good but unfortunately he has no control over the claim process)

Today, fourteen days after the event, I have finally gotten word that they are totaling out our cars and we have received their offer. But I have also found out that they did not assign a claim agent to our case until June 21, 9 days after the cars were damaged!

But now they are saying that because our policy is an 80/20 split on the car rental, which it is, they will not pay any of the cost for the rental of the car even though I had to get and have the rental for much longer because they did not handle the claim properly in the first place. If they had assigned someone to the claim immediately, or at the very least told us what was going to happen, when and what to do we would be happy.

Instead, every time we talked to someone at the corporate office we were told they didn't know what was going on and then kept pushing us off to other people. At least half of the money I am out is not because I wanted to keep the rental, but simply because they delayed and delayed and I couldn't get the car back. Totally frustrating.

We will be cancelling our policies with State Farm and will be going somewhere else, and if you have State Farm please consider this a warning not to trust that they will do with you either professionally or appropriately.

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