Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things -- IPad Version

My wife has an iPad and she lets my daughters play different games on which they really like because I won't let them do the same thing on my Droid.  So yesterday, my wife was driving our youngest daughter home from preschool and she let her play with the iPad while they were driving.  Well, as will sometimes happen, in focusing all her attention on the game, she got carsick and ended up throwing up all over everything including the iPad.

So this morning our youngest came up to me and asked me where Mommy was, and I said she had gone to work.  Then she asked if Mommy took her iPad with her, and I told her she did, and she went off to talk with her sister about this news, and the next thing I hear is her sister saying to her:

"I was the first one to ever play with Mommy's iPad, and you were the first one to ever vomit on it."

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