Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stomach Turning Decisions

Adam Hamilton has talked about stomach turning decisions, and the fact that when you make a decision that makes your stomach turn that that indicates you've made the right decision and the one God wants.  Your stomach turns because God has pushed you beyond your comfort zones and into God's realm.  He has even said that if your church has made a big decision and you go home and your stomach is not upset, that means you have made the wrong decision.  The right decision will make you sick.

Right now my wife and I are facing a serious decision that is certainly making my stomach turn, and hers as well.  It will mean major changes in the short term, along with some very burned bridges from which we can't go back.  We can sense God's movement in the process, but I also worry that we're simply trying to find it to justify what's going on.

But I'm really left with the question, how do you tell the difference between a decision that is stomach turning because it's following God and therefore the right decision, and one that turns your stomach simply because it might be the wrong decision?

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