Friday, December 31, 2010


Congratulations go out to both Stanford University for beating the University of Connecticut last night ending their 90 game win streak, and to UConn for putting such a streak together. I do not think they have gotten the credit they deserved for this remarkable run, and it is because lots of people still do not respect women's sports.

Gene Auriemma, the coach of UConn, came out and said that he didn't think his players were being respected because many thought they should be in the kitchen, and was then routinely criticized by some reporters who should know better. I certainly heard comments being made on ESPN, although not by ESPN reporters, that I considered disrespectful.

Can you compare the UCLA run of 88 games and the UConn run of 90 games? I don't know, but I don't think it matters. It's not like UConn did this by playing no bodies, which is often how powerhouses like to pad their stats. In those 90 games, which included two runs through the tournament to national titles, they played 31 teams who were ranked. 1/3 of their victories came agains the best competition available.

They don't turn away from competition; they will play anyone who wants to play them and for that by itself they should be applauded. If major college football programs will schedule the same way college bowl games would look a lot different, and to be honest the game would be better for it.

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