Friday, December 10, 2010

Speed Linking

We've been incredibly busy at the church, and so have not had time to make any posts, even putting up speed links. So, this covers the past two weeks:

  • NASA announced the discovery of a new type of life-form which survives on arsenic, although this too has its critics.
  • Remember the Super Bowl Shuffle and wondering why you can't find it on youtube? Here's the reason.
  • Among the documents released by WikiLeaks was a cable which said that American film and television is a greater impact in lessening terrorism by dissuading young people from being jihadists then anything else being done.
  • Tomorrow is the annual Army-Navy football game (Go Navy!). Did you know the first use of replay in a football was the Army-Navy game in 1963?
  • We hear of athletes thanking God all the time for helping them win the game. It's pretty rare to ever hear anyone blame God for losing the game, but that's exactly what Steve Johnson did. At least he's honest.
  • The Congressional Tea Part Caucus, who say they are opposed to ridiculous government spending, particularly through earmarks, took 1 billion in earmarks last year. (Yes, you read that number correctly)
  • As bullying changes forms through the use of digital technology, parents are often finding themselves well behind the technology and left wondering what to do.
  • Unusual baby names are now becoming the rule rather than the exception. What does that say about us and our children?
  • A federal judge has ordered the last two residents out of Chicago's Cabrini-Green public housing complex.
  • Is the era of point and shoot cameras upon us? With just about everyone having the same technology in their phones it appears that we might be seeing that very thing come to fruition.
  • Keith Fitzhugh was recently offered a job by the New York Jets, but has turned it down for the steady paycheck he receives as a train conductor.
  • First Sen. McCain said he would support repeal of Don't Ask-Don't Tell if the average soldier supported it. When that happened, he said he would only support it if the brass supported it. When that happened he said he would only support it if a study was conducted saying it wouldn't have an adverse effect on the military's operation. Now that has happened, and so McCain has said the study is flawed. What will his next position be? Stay tuned.
  • Last year the square footage of the average house actually decreased for the first time in a long time. Now there is also a trend for micro houses (smaller than 100 feet micro).
  • A rare Birds of America by Audubon was recently sold at auction for $10 million, making it the most expensive book ever.

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