Saturday, December 10, 2011

Capitalism is Dead

Capitalism is dead... or at least the usage of that term by the GOP is dead. According to reports, language genius Frank Lutz is telling GOP governors, and through them the rest of the GOP, to stop using the term "capitalism" because it now has negative connotations for most people. Instead, they are to use the terms "economic freedom" or "free markets."

In addition, there are no longer to talk about entrepreneurs but instead "small business owners" and "job creators." And these job creators are not helping the middle class, but instead helping "hard-working tax-payers," except when it comes to the taxes of the rich, then it's about the government "taking" their money.

Even though I don't agree with him politically, I like Frank Luntz a lot and he has been very effective in the past. He was the one who changed the talking points away from "estate taxes" and to the "death tax" which then helped congress eliminate it. Pay attention to these nice new catch phrases as we move into the election season.

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