Tuesday, December 27, 2011

War on Christmas

I don't really watch much news in general, but I definitely don't watch Fox news. But very early this morning I was sitting with a parishioner in her hospital room as we awaited her scheduled 6 am surgery and Fox News was on the TV.

There were several stories that are typical of why I don't watch Fox. One was on how Obama's Christmas in Hawaii is beyond the reach of most Americans, which it is, and how nice for him to be one of the 1%. Of course the story really wasn't about economic inequality and what we might do about it, but instead about bashing Obama for taking the trip, or at least that seemed to be the point. Another story was about how Nancy Pelosi's police escorts are costing tax payers $34,000 for her trip to Hawaii for Christmas.

Now I am not going to defend most of the ridiculous perks that politicians get, as most could safely be gotten rid of, but why single out just Pelosi on this? What about the recent story that the security detail for Rick Perry is costing the tax payers of Texas almost $400,000 a month? Why not attack the special benefits that Speaker Boehner gets, or Sens. McConnell and Reid, as minority and majority leaders get? It's great to actually talk about these things, because if we want to find money, this is a good place to start.

And, while we're at it, let's also address the six police officers needed to guard college coaches, as if they are necessary, or the police escorts that football teams get. How much did the tax payers of Hawaii spend to escort the Southern Mississippi and Nevada football teams around at this year's Hawaii Bowl?

Now none of this is new. Bob Dole was famous when he was in the Senate for sending his tax payer funded car back to pick up his dog after Elizabeth had gotten ready, and bringing the dog back to the office so it could be with him during the day. I'm all for reducing waste and giving people perks they don't usually need simply so they can feel better about themselves and feel more important, but let's be "balanced" and "fair" about the whole enterprise.

But the one that really got me was a special notice from Fox News, which said "Happy Holidays from Fox News."

This is from Fox News, the same organization which is spearheading the whole ridiculous "war on Christmas" theme, which if you've been reading my sermons you know I think is ridiculous. Fox News is not wishing us a Merry Christmas, but instead a bland "Happy Holidays." Do you think Bill O'Reilly will call them out?

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