Friday, December 9, 2011

What is a "Heisman Moment"?

There has been a lot talk this year about which candidates for the Heisman Award have had a "Heisman Moment." Could someone please explain what that means and why it's important? I remember Desmond Howard taking the Heisman pose in the end zone against Ohio State, but that was after everyone figured he would already win. Is that a Heisman moment?

Others are talking about Trent Richardson's touchdown run against Auburn as being a possible Heisman moment. It was a great run, but it was more about terrible tackling by Auburn then anything else. Some are saying that Andrew Luck can't win because he didn't have a Heisman moment, while others are saying his one-handed catch earlier in the year could be that moment.

The Heisman Award is supposed to go to the "most-outstanding" player (by that they almost exclusively mean quarterback or running-back) in the country. But what does that criteria have anything to do with one moment?

Great players make great things happen, but they do that all the time. To try and reduce it to one moment, to me, seems to totally dismiss the idea of putting together a great season. Maybe you can have a Heisman game, although that is also a stretch, but let's forget having a moment and instead focus on players having a Heisman season.

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